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This kind of sport can only be learned from the Face Team coaches in Hungary within the framework of the “Szabadtéri Sportok Egyesülete” (Outdoor sports organization)!

The goal of the course is to improve the coordination, teamwork and the developing a good path for children. Recommended for 8-18 year olds. Only general sports equipment is required for training. It’s an advantage, if they have basic education in gymnastics or basketball, but it’s not necessary because we teach everything from the basics, according to their own level of knowledge.

The youth can learn the basics of basketball, ground acrobatics and acrobatic basketball from the best professionals 2-3 times a week. In our training, we put a lot of emphasis on developing coordination and ball skills.

Acrobatic Basketball National Championships begin during the 2018-19 season!
The required training time for competitors of Face Team / SZSE is as follows:



  • Áron Takács
  • Máté Rácz
  • Péter Szabó
  • Máté Kaposi
  • Márton Lukács

Training times

Infants and Adolescent teams (U12, U14)

Monday, Friday 14:30 - 16:30
Lázár Ervin Elementary School
1043 Budapest, Erzsébet Street 31.

Cadet and Junior teams (U16, U18)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 15:00 - 17:00
Katona József High School and Adult Education School
1138 Budapest, Váci Road 107.

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Takács Áron
or at any of our trainings in person.



  • Richárd Perjámosi

Training times

Infants and Adolescent teams (U10, U12), Cadet and Junior teams (U14, U16)

Monday, Thursday 15:30 – 17:30
Pálffy Miklós Trade Training School
9023 GYŐR, Földes Gábor Street 34.-36.

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The age groups during the 2018-19-es season:

  • U23- Born between and including the 1st Jan, 1996 and the 31st Dec, 2000.
  • Junior (U18): Born between and including the 1st Jan, 2001 and the 31st Dec, 2002.
  • Cadet (U16): Born between and including the 1st Jan, 2003 and the 31st Dec, 2004.
  • Adolescent (U14): Born between and including the 1st Jan, 2005 and the 31st Dec, 2006.
  • Infants (U12): Born on the 1st Jan, 2007 or later.

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